Tricks Unveiled: How To Eliminate Gynecomastia Without Supplements, Drug Treatments Or Surgical Treatments

Undertaking male chest reduction without having an operation or taking medical pills, involves uncovering the triggers that lead to your gynecomastia in the first place, then eradicating them from your system permanently.

Regardless of whether a medical disease is at fault, gynecomastia is usually the result of elevated female sex hormones, namely estrogen. This can result from either medical conditions or environmental triggers that increase estrogen in your body or decrease testosterone.

The reason males (usually) have different appearances than females, is due to the roles that both estrogen and testosterone play in the body. Testosterone is responsible for giving men their extra body hair and muscle during puberty, whereas estrogen gives women their breasts. Gynecomastia occurs when the balance of these sex hormones is altered either naturally or artificially (through steroid abuse).

You can quite easily develop man boobs from...

Health-related issues
Causes of the environment
Natural imbalances in sex hormones (usually in puberty)
Not known

Working on getting a flat chest using the non-medical or surgical route does not negate the importance of first seeing your physician. I urge you get a full check-up by your doctor to make sure your man boobs aren't being triggered by some form of internal hormone-altering disease. Another thing your doctor can do is check to see if there is any glandular element to your gynecomastia. Hard glandular tissue can only be removed via surgery.

Although it is important to see your doctor, it is far more likely that your male breasts were caused by something in your environment. This is why for most guys, natural man breast reduction is what is required. Those who are listed by their doctors for surgical resection of breast glands and breast tissue, STILL need to address the root cause of their breast developing by following a natural man-boob reduction regime.

I won't lie to you and tell you that pharmaceutical drugs don't work. The fact is that they do, nevertheless its potency is limited, knowing that medical drugs are just an extraction from natural substances anyway, and using natural methods is generally safer, risk-free, without side effects and generally in this case, far more powerful.

Estrogen in the present day, is the most common culprit when it comes to man boobs, with both food AND water commonly contaminated with estrogen around the world. As if that wasn't enough, estrogen-like particles are commonly present in cosmetic products and are known to be readily absorbed by the skin.

These environmental estrogens may have caused your man boobs in the first place, and it would do you good to avoid them, but to really benefit from a male-breast-reduction regime, you would have to also use specific methods that are designed to lessen those female hormones and heighten those male hormones.

These methods include both dietary tactics and exercises that when combined, can eliminate male breasts in just a few short weeks. So if you are suffering from man boobs, and whether or not you may need surgery, I suggest you explore the field of natural man boob reduction to get a handle on the root cause of your gyncomastia. To do this, click the following link: How to Burn Chest Fat.

Utilizing All-Natural Methods To Handle Gynecomastia

Learning how to get rid of moobs involves uncovering the triggers that lead to your gynecomastia in the first place, then eradicating them from your system permanently.

Both lowered male sex hormones (most importantly, testosterone) and raised levels of female sex hormones (most importantly, estrogen) can lead to gynecomastia. This can be caused by conditions that increase estrogen or reduce/block the effects of testosterone.

The hormones estrogen and testosterone are responsible for deciding the sexual qualities of a man vs that of a woman. Where testosterone gives men their extra muscle mass and body hair, estrogen is responsible for female characteristics such as growing breasts. Since women can develop breasts in response to estrogen, so can men. All that has to happen is for the level of estrogen to go up in a man and/or the level of testosterone to decrease.

Gynecomastia can result from...

Specific medical drugs
Hormonal influences from your surroundings
Pubertal alterations in hormones

Working on getting a flat chest using the non-medical or surgical route does not negate the importance of first seeing your physician. I advise you to go and see your doctor to first rule out any serious medical causes for your gynecomastia. Sometimes a very small number of guys DO need surgery, and only your doctor will be able to tell if this is the case.

Although there is a small chance you may have a medical cause, it is far more likely that your gynecoamstia has resulted from something in your environment. Hence, reducing man boobs naturally, by addressing these causative environmental factors, is usually the first course of action for a guy to take. The few guys who end up needing surgery, would still also need to address the root cause of their gynecomastia. If there was a medical cause to your gynecomastia, and all you did was have surgery, then surely your man boobs would just come back a few months after having surgery - UNLESS you first treated the underlying medical cause of your man boobs. For this reason, if your man boobs are caused by an environmental factor, it is also important to naturally address these environmental factors BEFORE you go in for surgery.

I won't lie to you and tell you that pharmaceutical drugs don't work. The fact is that they do, on the other hand it comes with dangers and side effects that are just not worth risking, as it has been shown that natural tactics bring quicker and better results, but without all the risks.

In the modern world, estrogen is widely used in almost EVERYTHING, with female sex hormones being present in food products in even in drinking water. Even cosmetic products contain estrogenic substances that seep through your skin, bypassing the liver and effecting a powerful estrogenic influence on your body - moreso than if you were to consume estrogen.

In order for you to reduce gynecomastia, you not only have to avoid all the excess estrogen in your environment, but for you to get that flat chest you've always wanted in the quickest time possible, you have to in addition, implement active methods of estrogen reduction and natural testosterone enhancement.

Such tactics involve the control of your diet and specialized exercises that are known to control the circulation of sex horomones in your body, in a way that result in sure and permanent man boob reduction. To learn more about gynecomastia treatment without surgery, and everything you need to know about these natural male breast reduction tactics, have a look at this link: Get Rid of Man Breasts

Easy methods to Get rid of Gynecomastia - How I Lost My Man Boobs Quickly

Are you fed up of having man boobs? I was fed up too, and fed up of trying to lose them and failing time and time again! I finally managed to lose my man boobs when I stumbled upon the real hidden, underground answers to losing those man boobs. Especially after I learned the real working ways to get rid of man breasts.

In fact I couldn't believe how easy it was.

My chest fat vanished within a few weeks of using these secrets!

I'm 100% sure that you can achieve the same results, but only if you know the truth about losing man boobs. Losing man boobs involves a number of different factors, but if you master the one secret that's responsible for 95% of failures, then your victory is assured.

Who Am I And Why Am I Telling You This?

My name's Sammie and I've been trying to lose my man boobs ever since I was a kid. I remember being horrified of Physical Education in school incase I were seen in the shower without my top, or simply see me running in my T-shirt with my booblets bouncing up and down like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.

And missing out on all the summer fun! Sitting around at home or going out and roasting myself in a thick sweater to conceal my man breasts

Sitting on the side-line while my family & friends let loose on the beach - running around and showing off their bodies under the sun.

And I'll always remember...

Every time a woman rejected me! I just knew it was because of my man breasts - they couldn't take me seriously, they couldn't see me as a man!

Women are dreaming about the guy on TV with ripped six-pack abs. Even if are going out with a girl, she's gona be looking at guys like that and lusting after them.

So I went out there and started to learn everything about how to get rid of man boobs. All my research on the internet seemed to be in vain, as it would all seem to point toward...

Error NumberI: Doing bench presses, press ups etc to "burst away" that chest fat!.

Have you tried this before? If you have, then I hope you've realised by now that it's hopeless! Stop it right now! Quit tormenting yourself with these lies! It doesn't work, sure there's a place for bench presses in the whole lose man boobs regime, but that place is NOT in burning boob-fat!

Not knowing this when I started out, I took the advice of well... almost everyone, and started going all out on the bench press.

Irrespective of the size of my pectorals, which grew quite impressively large - I could feel them... under my boob fat, which sadly remained unchanged. I now had man boobs that I could move up and down at will.

So stop doing chest exercises and focus on something that is actually scientifically known to shed boob fat!

I learned the hard way that working out the chest muscles does NOT cause fat to be lost around that area.

Mistake II: All I need is to lose weight...
I joined the gym and started on the cardio, compound weight-training, restricted healthy diet - the full works! (Hey, Im a determined guy!) And to my surprise, my man breasts started to flatten out! But it wasn't until I lost fat from my bum, legs, arms, face, back and belly, so it took a bit of time but...

My chest finally started to flatten out!!!

However I was finding it more and more difficult to maintain this new lifestyle, with such a strict calorie restricted diet and such intense exercise for prolonged periods 7 days a week.

I missed my favourite foods, I was exhausted by the gym. When I tried working out less frequently or for less than an hour every day, I saw my man breasts sprouting back I couldn't see myself doing this forever, I would either go mad or my body would break down, there had to be some other way I could do this!

Error Three: Ebooks on the internet with promising sales pages have the answer...

By seeing the salespages, I was convinced the eBook they were promoting would have all the answers I was looking for! I could just add this special spice to my food and my man boobs would dissolve away! Wow! So I went out there and purchased all the eBooks I could find on losing man boobs. To my dismay with every book, I found the salespages to bear no resemblance to the content of the book itself - these guys weren't offering a fraction of what they promised to do for me.

It seems nobody has yet managed to put together a decent guide on how to get rid of man boobs.

Now For The Solution!

Since nobody could help me I decided to do my own research (did I tell you I have a background in science ñ it finally came in handy for something).

And I also recommend you have a look at my articles on... Chest Exercises for Men At Home.

Why Getting Rid Of Man Boobs Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me!

I wish I could show you how sensational it feels to finally get rid of those horrendous man boobs and truly look and feel like a man in the world!

I feel so much better now. It feels so good to simply be able to wear a T-shirt in the summer! I can wear just a loose thin shirt to work and say goodbye to those thick tight vests underneath.

When you've got this part of your life handled - where you're self-assured about your physical appearance, then the things you can do with your new found confidence is nothing short of sensational! You can really start enjoying life for a change, because as soon as you start respecting yourself, you'll find that you're respected and liked by others around you - you can even get a handle on your love life, since having a masculine body and knowing it will really make you a serious candidate to women! I can quite easily tell you that get rid of my man boobs was a truly triumphant episode in my life

I would spend up to an hour by the mirror, putting on different clothing and finally deciding upon something that would hide my man boobs more than the rest Even as an adult, I was made fun of because of my man boobs. Mostly by other guys who would occasionally embarrass me in front of women. But I suppose women probably couldn't have seen me as a potential mate anyway.

On finding out about the true, hidden tactics of man-boob reduction, I managed to get rid of my man boobs after a few weeks only. I was at last, free from the constant suffering that kept me hidden in my room on sunny days when everyone seemed to be having fun.

After trying and failing for so long, what is it that finally allowed me to eliminate my man boobs?

An important fact I learned which helped me lose my man boobs, is that gynecomastia (male breast development) is becoming more and more common in the world. Having started in the west, it's now also started to take root in developing countries. One hundred years ago, gynecomastia was almost unheard-of! Human genes take a much longer time span to evolve, hence the the factor triggering your man boobs is not in your body (i.e. not in your genes), but in your environment!

What you need to do is identify these factors in the environment and alter them to your advantage. When you do this you can kiss your man boobs goodbye and say hello to the same world of absolute masculine freedom that I'm experiencing today!

Why not also check out this article on: Best Exercise to Lose Man Boobs.

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